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This actually just reaffirms once more the folly of promising to write future entries concerning this-or-that. Whenever I make such a promise, the mood never actually strikes me as right. I kept on trying to write the calm-to-the-point-of-Zen and complete-to-the-point-of-ideological-manifesto rebuttal to the arguments and analogies that [livejournal.com profile] bellatrys brought forward in her own lj...

...turns out my mood wasn't into it. I actually ended up writing and saving two separate half-complete drafts, but whenever I glanced back to read what I had written I felt the need to trash the whole thing and start all over again for the sheer discrepancy in the way I felt and the way I tried to express it. Such a composition might have been proper and good back when the situation was limited to the *threat* of violence and death, not now when such threats have been transformed to reality.

Heartsickness was on me, and in many ways still is, and if I couldn't express it in rage (albeit a coherent one), attempts at calm would seem more like phoniness to my own eyes. So here goes instead a much more disjointed post, not attempting either fullness or calm or anything of the sort -- just random spewing of points I think need be made.

'Solidarity with the oppressed' doesn't justify everything )

And the protesters aren't the actual oppressed anyway! )

'But...but...but... the Nazi literature is banned! Hypocricy alert!?' )

I think that my next posts will be more lighthearted, and probably fandom-related instead of having to do with politics. *g* There are enough books and series I need to comment on anyway...
katsaris: "Where is THEIR vote?" (Politics)
You know, I don't think that there has ever been a time where the verses of my "politics" icon above have been more relevant (I really need to thank [livejournal.com profile] homasse again for creating it for me -- thanks a bunch, j-chan!)

For that matter I don't think that there has ever been a time, where *blasphemy* has been more of a moral obligation than it is right now. If I had artistic skills enough to draw a cartoon where Mohammed, Jesus, Moses are all, I dunno, having a drunken orgy or something, I'd be drawing it right now. I'd be inclusive in my blasphemy: After all Greek *Christian* fascists have several times attempted to ban books (or indeed even *cartoons*) that they considered insulting to Jesus - Μν, the "Life of Jesus", so forth, so forth.

Anyway my only concern about it is that I've let enough time pass before commenting here over it that my first rage over the situation has passed, having mostly gotten expressed in a friend's journal instead of here. So now follows a much calmer post.

Analysis, part I: The core of the issue )

In order not to delay posting even more, I'll be breaking this up in sections. Two more sections remain to this analysis that I have already thought over. In section II I'll offer a more calm and full rebuttal to the points that [livejournal.com profile] bellatrys raised in her own posts. In section III I'll comment on the various international reactions, and their various seeming paradoxes.


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