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Had a dream last night, about a war between zombies and the leftovers of humanity. It also included some gender-related commentary: the chief defender of humanity was Wonder Woman, and the battle started turning in favour of humanity when a friend/mentor of hers (at the cost of her own disappearance and possible death) summoned Goddess Athena via a portal. Athena subsequently took charge of the war and routed the zombies, but there was simultaneous commentary that some few of the "boys" had defected, because they couldn't tolerate both the leaders of the war being female.

My point of view alternated between being a reader (I remember figuring out like a reader that in this alternate universe Batman never existed, and Superman did exist but he seems to have been originally a villain and so was generally mistrusted and thus incapable of leadership) and a participant (being instructed how to distinguish between zombies and simply "angry people" :-) Some details I'm also forgetting. I'm pretty sure there were some other deities in there, some in the opposite side. Hecate on the side of the zombies? I don't really remember much more.
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Two somewhat cute/interesting dreams, one last night, and the other a few days previously, both mildly political relevant.

Dream #1: Diplomatic envoy )

Dream #2: Iraqi conscript )

I know where in my mind both of the dreams came from. The one about India and Pakistan -- the previous night I had found the opportunity to fill in some tidbits of info on Wikipedia about the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, one of them being that Russia supports Pakistan's membership only if India joins at the same time. This thought, combined with the recent Iran nukes thingy, led to the dream.

And the other dream -- that's more solemn and creepy, and it was the Nepal situation that brought it forward, not anything happening in Iraq itself. I kept wondering what could lead an army to be loyal to a dictator even against their own people's wishes. Not just in Nepal, but also in Belarus recently, and ofcourse all over the world in different times.

My dream seems to have answered this with the guess of loyalty/admiration/liking at the mere fact of *not being hurt at the time*. I'm not sure how relevant it actually is in real life, but the more I think about it the creepier (and sadder) I find it. Battered wife syndrome on a whole national scale. Ugh.
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Had a sci-fi murder thriller for a dream last night. Not a *scary* one really (though a bit gruesome/bloody at places) but more of a poignant/sad one. Unlike most dreams this one did reach a place where one might definitely say "The End" -- at which point I awoke, and decided not to bother trying to fall asleep again. And it was a cool ending IMO -- so if you want to skip to that one and ignore the previous disjointed bits, be my guest.

The disjointed bits )

The IMO cool ending )


Mar. 11th, 2004 04:02 am
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Amusing tidbits in my dreams yesterday.

Dreams )

And btw I also went and saw "The Passion of the Christ" today... but it's kinda getting late over here, so probably some comments tomorrow...
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My computer seems to be acting up again... I truly do hope it was a software problem that caused it to suddenly shut off twice an hour or so back, as I was checking out a small game I had downloaded, rather than a hardware issue: last time I'd had these kind of random shut-offs (several months back) my computer soon started to not power up at all. The electrical-thingy-at-the-back-of-my-computer-whose-english-name-I'm-currently-forgetting had been fried...

For safety I've made a backup of my work again anyway...


Went to see "Big Fish" today, with a group of friends. Very fun movie - recommended. Very nice mix of reality and fantasy. I laughed out several times throughout at the absurdity of it all...

This, btw, must have been first movie I've ever seen where I didn't have the slightest clue about its plot or premise before I saw it... I only knew it was called "Big Fish". :-)


And, aargh, I had yet another LOTR-related dream dream today -- I'm really too geeky for words sometimes, I think. This one involved an alternate scene from the ROTK movie. I dreamed that for some reason the people of Minas Tirith started singing out the "With a teaspoon of sugar does the medicine go down, the medicine go down" song, straight out of Mary Poppins.

There was a handful of other elements in the dream, like huge rhinoceri equipped with long spears fighting with the oliphaunts, or a young woman of Minas Tirith crying because she could not go to war and Aragorn telling her that she can, or Gimli drinking tea with as much gentility as a British gentleman or something. But definitely the Mary Poppins-derived musical piece was the big event of that dream... :-)
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The heat bit is self-explained. Heat Wave. Big bad heat-wave. Yesterday was probably the hottest day of them all. 40 C, I think? Aargh. We don't have an air condition, but the electric fans were definitely working overtime.

The Bizarre Crossover Dreams (BCDs from now on) need a bit further explanation I guess. Some of my dreams have started following a pattern it seems, and it'll definitely be amusing if it continued. For anyone remotely interested in another man's dreams:

1st BCD, some weeks ago: Disney x Hikaru no Go )

2nd BCD, yesterday: Harry Potter x 7th Heaven x Hikaru no Go. )

Anyway, it definitely seems I'm a huge geek even in my sleep. :-)


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