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Weird plotbunny from hell, but what would the Crucifixion be like if it had been produced by the makers of "Pirates of the Caribbean"?

Executioner: Jesus ben Joseph of Nazareth...
Jesus: (mumbling) Jesus *Christ*. Jesus *Christ*...
Executioner: (continuing)... has been accused of the crimes of religious blasphemy, supporting sedition, preaching proto-communism, impersonating the son of a deity, prophesying without a licence...(list continues)... for these crimes he has been condemned to be crucified until dead.

Barabbas suddenly appears, and with a large axe chops down the cross. He and Jesus try to escape, but they are captured by the Romans again.

Pilatus: I arranged for your amnesty and this is how you repay me. By siding with this man, this prophet!?
Barabbas: A prophet *and* a good man. This is my place -- standing between you and him.
Pilatus' wife: And so is mine. (she goes by Barabbas' side)
Jesus: (to Pilatus) I was rooting for you mate, know that.

Or perhaps, alternately:

Peter: Now, people that are crucified, get their kneecaps smashed with a hammer -- it causes asphyxiation and a quick death, but after hours on the cross that hammer starts looking very friendly. But Jesus still has that hammer, unused, and he's not going to use it except on the man that betrayed him.
Barabbas: Judas.


Satan: So what now, Jesus? Will it be two immortals locked in an epic battle until Judgment Day and trumpets sound?
Jesus: Or you could surrender.

Am trying to think a good alternate line for "Human hair. Off my back." however. Any ideas?

Happy Easter, everyone!
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Last couple weeks (I believe) I've been the victim of a worm, it seems - Dumaru: http://www.pchell.com/virus/dumaruy.shtml

I still have no idea how I got infected -- I don't believe I ever opened any executable ever sent to me over the mail. I've downloaded a variety of small programs ofcourse, but given the sources I doubt any of them would be infected.

Anyway all cleaned up now -- and internet surfing can become a pleasure again other than a chore: this virus's effect was that once I got connected my whole system became vvveeerrrrryyyy ssssslllluuuugggggiiisssshhh... Browsing was becoming harder and harder, and IMing a near impossibility -- and so was actually doing anything else processor-heavy with the computer once I was connected to the internet.

My Antivirus programs are several years old so no wonder they didn't catch this.

Will also be changing my passwords, since this worm also steals info -- though I doubt that anyone will ever care to impersonate me. :-)


As a sidenote I recently got the chance to see Pirates of the Caribbean again, and this time I got a plot point that I had never caught the first time I saw the film -- namely that the curse's undoing required the blood of *all* the pirates' involved: you can even see Johnny Depp (Jack Sparrow) offering his own blood also at the end...

First time I saw it I had got the impression it only required "Bootstrap's" blood --- and back then that had seemed to me like a pretty big (and obvious) plothole since it was never explained *why* him.

Anyway all explained now, and elegantly so -- good for the film!
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A fic-recommendation first -- The Game of the Gods, one of the most amusing and well-written MarySue-slaying fics/parodies I've yet seen. It's nice seeing all the various types of Tolkien-related Sues being defeated one after another. :-) Nicely framed as well.

Secondly.... went to see Pirates of the Caribbean on Thursday.... Another recommended film, this was a very fun movie. Between it and "Spirited Away", I'd choose Spirited Away, mind you, no question about it... but still a very very fun movie. Cool action, cool characters, cool story.

Some thoughts, no real spoilers )

Anyway, that's another recommendation. *g* I had wanted to make it yesterday as yesterday was International Talk Like A Pirate Day, but ah, well. Missed it by one. :-)

Lastly a little quiz:

The Potion Maker
katsarisium is a milky, runny puce gel obtained from the pollen of a honeysuckle.
Mix with katsaris! Username:
Yet another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern


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