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Yesterday's Dollhouse (1x06) was both the first good and the first EXCELLENT episode of the series -- the first episode that made me feel I was getting two episodes' worth for the price of one, rather than a 10-minute idea stretched to hourly lengths.

5 bad-to-okay episodes followed by an excellent one. Let's see how the 7th one goes.

Saw Watchmen last Sunday. Minor spoilers )
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The past year I started watching many series that previously I had only been hearing about: preeminent among them Battlestar Galactica and Supernatural, but also Farscape, Medium, Jonathan Creek, and the more recent Mentalist and Sarah Connor Chronicles.

In December I saw the whole of "Death Note" and the first three seasons of "Dexter" (only the first two seasons of the latter were any good, btw). Both these series were vaguely depressing, with the serial-killer protagonists and all, so near the end of December I decided to switch to something lighter and checked out "Kim Possible" instead. But Kim Possible won't be the one animated series to stick to my mind from this past season.

Avatar - the Last Airbender )

Digital Rights Management annoyances )

City of Ember )

Fanvidding )
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Three movies, all of them adaptations of books, which I saw the past December/January. HEAVY HEAVY SPOILERS for both movies and books to follow:

The Golden Compass )

Stardust )

The Bridge to Terabithia )
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So, Bhutto has been assassinated, and the world grows darker still with yet another victory for Islamic fascism -- as if Iraq/Palestine/Lebanon haven't been enough. But I wasn't planning this for a political post... just happened that Bhutto's killing roughly coincided with a post I was prepping for other issues.


So, anyway... have recently greatly enjoyed three works which I'd heard and been vaguely curious about for years, but for three different (but all stupid) reasons, I never got around to enjoying till now.

Buffy the Vampire-Slayer/Angel )

"The King Must Die" by Mary Renault )

V for Vendetta )


Dec. 29th, 2005 05:52 am
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I end up feeling ridiculously guilty and disappointed in myself when I promise to write a review and I end up not doing it. Procrastination, laziness and being busy all conspired that I let aside my HP Goblet of Fire review halfway-through and didn't find the heart to pick it up again: I'm still hoping I'll have it up by year's end (which is still far from the "a month ago" that I had first hoped for) but eh....

...Ι went to see Narnia on Christmas, alongside with Tilemachos and his sis, so here's my review of *that* movie for compensation:

In short: Perhaps the best movie adaptation of a book I have ever seen -- I think it's the first time *ever* that I can say that the movie is possibly better than the book. Lovely and delightful in the characters, the atmosphere, in everything...

In more detail, and much more spoilers (including some small spoilers for later books) )
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Online comics seem to be currently suffering:
Sluggy Freelance has gone to random-filler mode, after a long period of what its creator himself admitted to be an uninspired writer's-block period where humour was largely humourless, and one of the comic's best elements, the comedic timing, was horribly off.

Clan of the Cats is in a brief hiatus, following creator's medical problems.

Graphic Smash and all its connected comics ("Fans!", "Rip & Terri", etc) suffered a meltdown which they're still trying to fix.

CRFH has stopped being interesting to me for some years now.


Atleast the Shortpacked joke concerning the pope was funny. :-) Hope it offends none of my Catholic friends.


"The Incredibles" (saw this last week) is the most fun superhero film I ever remember seeing -- better than the Spiderman flicks by far. And kinda sweet and cute without ever becoming saccharine. It's also one of the few animated films I remember seeing where the chief villain *doesn't* die by falling from a great height. Saw it on DVD last week and utterly loved it.

"The Cube" on the other hand was one of the most depressingly claustrophobic movies I remember. Gah. Mathematical cruelty, nasty randomness, bureaucratic evil and human savagery. Saw this one yesterday, and I need to go and watch something comparatively happy and fluffy now. "CSI" episodes or something. Those ones may be still filled with depictions of human evil, but technology and science and logic atleast serve the good guys and humanity is never absent. And quirkiness exists to relieve the tension, not to burn off your face with acid when you're not expecting it.

"Constantine", which I saw in the cinema, was slightly less Constantine-like than I'd have liked -- but still a decent enough approximation of the character I think (i.e. from what I can judge, far closer to the original character than Peter Jackson's LOTR character were to Tolkien).

Very mild spoilers about Constantine )
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Very cool, bittersweet comic, a real-life story, highly recommended: http://www.momscancer.com/

The following isn't actually a full-hearted recommendation by me -- actually it annoyed me in several places; the creator seemed to be labouring under the delusion that several pages of wordless swordfight would translate as well in the comic medium as in the screen but I found them dead-boring instead; not to mention the cultural references I didn't get (who's Campbell? Who's Rick James? And what's with the monkeys?) -- still, if you will, check out the Kill Bill/Harry Potter parody: Kill Harry.

There was something magnicificently *creepy* about the concept itself: Hermione hunting down to kill Harry/Ron/Ginny/Luna/etc, the way that Beatrix Kiddo hunted down her former associates in Kill Bill. And I'm not really spoiling anything about the story here that's not obvious from the first page. If the swordfight bores you to tears just jump ahead to page 8 instead.

Loved Hermione's line in the final panel of page 10. :-)

Which reminds me. "Kill Bill" commentary:

Mild spoilers for Kill Bill inside )

And lest I forget, the 5th Lyttle Lytton contest is under way, ending on April 15th.
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For two months or so now I've wanted to post commentary on the Three Colours movies. About time I started doing it. :-)

Interest in these three movies was first kindled in me by Adam Cadre's ([livejournal.com profile] adamcadre) reviews, here, here and here. There's cool commentary there, and I urge you to read them.

But first things first. Not so much of a review as random commentary to follow on Three Colours: Blue. A movie which I feel justifies by itself the existence of movies as a medium, more than any other movie I've yet seen.

Several spoilers )

Anyway, I *love* this movie. Most heartily recommended.

And if any paragraphs in this review don't make any sense at all, it's because it's way past time I should go to bed. Will correct any mistakes tomorrow. :-)


Jul. 9th, 2004 06:33 am
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Was recently reminded (hiya, bro!) that I haven't made any commentary on "Troy" which I saw some weeks back. So I sat down and wrote some. Random disconnected tidbits to follow.

Troy! )


Anyway, babbled enough tonight.
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Weird plotbunny from hell, but what would the Crucifixion be like if it had been produced by the makers of "Pirates of the Caribbean"?

Executioner: Jesus ben Joseph of Nazareth...
Jesus: (mumbling) Jesus *Christ*. Jesus *Christ*...
Executioner: (continuing)... has been accused of the crimes of religious blasphemy, supporting sedition, preaching proto-communism, impersonating the son of a deity, prophesying without a licence...(list continues)... for these crimes he has been condemned to be crucified until dead.

Barabbas suddenly appears, and with a large axe chops down the cross. He and Jesus try to escape, but they are captured by the Romans again.

Pilatus: I arranged for your amnesty and this is how you repay me. By siding with this man, this prophet!?
Barabbas: A prophet *and* a good man. This is my place -- standing between you and him.
Pilatus' wife: And so is mine. (she goes by Barabbas' side)
Jesus: (to Pilatus) I was rooting for you mate, know that.

Or perhaps, alternately:

Peter: Now, people that are crucified, get their kneecaps smashed with a hammer -- it causes asphyxiation and a quick death, but after hours on the cross that hammer starts looking very friendly. But Jesus still has that hammer, unused, and he's not going to use it except on the man that betrayed him.
Barabbas: Judas.


Satan: So what now, Jesus? Will it be two immortals locked in an epic battle until Judgment Day and trumpets sound?
Jesus: Or you could surrender.

Am trying to think a good alternate line for "Human hair. Off my back." however. Any ideas?

Happy Easter, everyone!
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It's been almost two weeks since I thought I'd write this... but hey, better late than never. (First part to the commentary, can be found here.)

Warning: This is extra extra long commentary, and I think it more concerns Christianity as a whole, than just Gibson's film.

Thoughts on 'The Passion of the Christ' (and Christianity) - Part II. )
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Last couple weeks (I believe) I've been the victim of a worm, it seems - Dumaru: http://www.pchell.com/virus/dumaruy.shtml

I still have no idea how I got infected -- I don't believe I ever opened any executable ever sent to me over the mail. I've downloaded a variety of small programs ofcourse, but given the sources I doubt any of them would be infected.

Anyway all cleaned up now -- and internet surfing can become a pleasure again other than a chore: this virus's effect was that once I got connected my whole system became vvveeerrrrryyyy ssssslllluuuugggggiiisssshhh... Browsing was becoming harder and harder, and IMing a near impossibility -- and so was actually doing anything else processor-heavy with the computer once I was connected to the internet.

My Antivirus programs are several years old so no wonder they didn't catch this.

Will also be changing my passwords, since this worm also steals info -- though I doubt that anyone will ever care to impersonate me. :-)


As a sidenote I recently got the chance to see Pirates of the Caribbean again, and this time I got a plot point that I had never caught the first time I saw the film -- namely that the curse's undoing required the blood of *all* the pirates' involved: you can even see Johnny Depp (Jack Sparrow) offering his own blood also at the end...

First time I saw it I had got the impression it only required "Bootstrap's" blood --- and back then that had seemed to me like a pretty big (and obvious) plothole since it was never explained *why* him.

Anyway all explained now, and elegantly so -- good for the film!
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Some thoughts on 'The Passion of the Christ' (and Christianity in general) -- Part 1 )

It's once again getting late, and I'm getting tired, so the second half, which will btw also discuss an aspect or two of Christianity, will come tomorrow or the day after...


Feb. 11th, 2004 04:37 pm
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Went and saw "Dogville" yesterday.

Eww. What an absolute celebration of ugliness for ugliness' sake. A cynical horrible view on humanity as a whole, in my opinion -- probably one of the darkest films I've ever seen. Unlovely.

And yet bizarrely enough, I can also recommend it -- if you can stomach a vision of humanity that most people would, I think, find too utterly dark to be believable.

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My computer seems to be acting up again... I truly do hope it was a software problem that caused it to suddenly shut off twice an hour or so back, as I was checking out a small game I had downloaded, rather than a hardware issue: last time I'd had these kind of random shut-offs (several months back) my computer soon started to not power up at all. The electrical-thingy-at-the-back-of-my-computer-whose-english-name-I'm-currently-forgetting had been fried...

For safety I've made a backup of my work again anyway...


Went to see "Big Fish" today, with a group of friends. Very fun movie - recommended. Very nice mix of reality and fantasy. I laughed out several times throughout at the absurdity of it all...

This, btw, must have been first movie I've ever seen where I didn't have the slightest clue about its plot or premise before I saw it... I only knew it was called "Big Fish". :-)


And, aargh, I had yet another LOTR-related dream dream today -- I'm really too geeky for words sometimes, I think. This one involved an alternate scene from the ROTK movie. I dreamed that for some reason the people of Minas Tirith started singing out the "With a teaspoon of sugar does the medicine go down, the medicine go down" song, straight out of Mary Poppins.

There was a handful of other elements in the dream, like huge rhinoceri equipped with long spears fighting with the oliphaunts, or a young woman of Minas Tirith crying because she could not go to war and Aragorn telling her that she can, or Gimli drinking tea with as much gentility as a British gentleman or something. But definitely the Mary Poppins-derived musical piece was the big event of that dream... :-)
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Well here's my ROTK review... Or perhaps more like "random commentary about aspects of the movie that seriously irked me". Ended up a bit more bitter and rambling than I had first intended.

Heavy SPOILERS for both movie and books to follow:

Here ya go. )
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The fannish side of me is fuming.

The item that so angered me is here. The link contains some small spoilers about the ROTK movie, btw. Mainly in terms of revealing what will be *absent* from it, though, not what will be present.

I went to see three times *each* of the first two movies, in the cinema. Bought the tapes. Bought the CDs with the music.

But, I swear it, had I not already promised friends that I'd be seeing the third film with them, I am not at all certain that I would bother to see the third film even once.

As such, I'll probably be biting my lips so as to not rant at the screen and ruin everybody else's fun time.

Peter Jackson, the moron. It makes it all the worse that I *knew* since a year ago that he wouldn't have enough time to fit all the important bits in ROTK, given the incompetent way he edited Two Towers.

*Anyone* would know it who has read the books.

Except Peter Jackson himself, it seems.
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A fic-recommendation first -- The Game of the Gods, one of the most amusing and well-written MarySue-slaying fics/parodies I've yet seen. It's nice seeing all the various types of Tolkien-related Sues being defeated one after another. :-) Nicely framed as well.

Secondly.... went to see Pirates of the Caribbean on Thursday.... Another recommended film, this was a very fun movie. Between it and "Spirited Away", I'd choose Spirited Away, mind you, no question about it... but still a very very fun movie. Cool action, cool characters, cool story.

Some thoughts, no real spoilers )

Anyway, that's another recommendation. *g* I had wanted to make it yesterday as yesterday was International Talk Like A Pirate Day, but ah, well. Missed it by one. :-)

Lastly a little quiz:

The Potion Maker
katsarisium is a milky, runny puce gel obtained from the pollen of a honeysuckle.
Mix with katsaris! Username:
Yet another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern
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Couple years back I'd seen "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" in the cinema. Chinese language, greek subtitles. As expected.

Yesterday it was on TV and I got the chance to see it again. And quite unexpectedly it was an English-dub version, subsequently subtitled with Greek. No Chinese to be heard anywhere.

My only guess as to why they did this is that the channel (or subtitling company) had no translators that knew Chinese at hand.

Still. Weird. And just a little bit annoying.


Also - four, five days ago, I saw "Spirited Away". A very, *very* good movie. I heartily recommend it to everyone. Might myself go to see it again one of these days/weeks.

Some small spoilers )


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