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Last couple weeks (I believe) I've been the victim of a worm, it seems - Dumaru: http://www.pchell.com/virus/dumaruy.shtml

I still have no idea how I got infected -- I don't believe I ever opened any executable ever sent to me over the mail. I've downloaded a variety of small programs ofcourse, but given the sources I doubt any of them would be infected.

Anyway all cleaned up now -- and internet surfing can become a pleasure again other than a chore: this virus's effect was that once I got connected my whole system became vvveeerrrrryyyy ssssslllluuuugggggiiisssshhh... Browsing was becoming harder and harder, and IMing a near impossibility -- and so was actually doing anything else processor-heavy with the computer once I was connected to the internet.

My Antivirus programs are several years old so no wonder they didn't catch this.

Will also be changing my passwords, since this worm also steals info -- though I doubt that anyone will ever care to impersonate me. :-)


As a sidenote I recently got the chance to see Pirates of the Caribbean again, and this time I got a plot point that I had never caught the first time I saw the film -- namely that the curse's undoing required the blood of *all* the pirates' involved: you can even see Johnny Depp (Jack Sparrow) offering his own blood also at the end...

First time I saw it I had got the impression it only required "Bootstrap's" blood --- and back then that had seemed to me like a pretty big (and obvious) plothole since it was never explained *why* him.

Anyway all explained now, and elegantly so -- good for the film!


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