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Last couple weeks I ended up seeing one particular piece of fanfiction mentioned in three different places (LJ friendslist, tv tropes, hatrack.com forums), so I'm guessing it's the new sensation that's taking Internet by storm.

Thankfully it's a really really good one, so let me add my own recommendation to the bunch: "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality" by Less Wrong (Eliezer Yudkowsky)

The only known AU fic in which Harry systematically tries to figure out the logic behind magic.
The only known AU in which Voldemort was intelligent enough to ...small spoilers )
Also the only known fic in existence in which Voldemort ends up ...small spoilers ), without it being a crackfic!

A warning though: Harry Potter is a horrible and arrogant little jerk in this fic, not the sweet and humble kid of canon -- to me it only makes those few moments of sweetness that remain (e.g. his annoyance at having Hermione's genius not recognized by her parents) all the more potent. But even so: if you can't tolerate jerk protagonists, the fic may not be to your liking at all.
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Ugh, first of all it's annoying that I just now realized that some earlier messing of mine with the computer's date and time had caused my last entry to be set at December -- this may have confused friends' pages, and was all around annoying -- not to mention that my *next* (aka this) entry (now that my date was correctly set) was refused by livejournal because of the time inconsistency and now I have to rewrite it. Ugh again.

Anyway moving on to the belated stuff:

First of all, happy belated Halloween to all those parts of the world that celebrate it.

Secondly, check out one of my all-time favourite HP art pieces from my favourite HP artist, Marta ([livejournal.com profile] seviet):

Scene from Goblet of Fire.

This is the kind of fanart I like seeing, I think -- not one or two character in poses, but the depiction of an event with multiple characters acting or reacting to it in different ways. Lovely -- and in this case rather funny as well...

Lastly, speaking of HP, there's new "secrets" revealed behind that hidden door over at www.jkrowling.com .Gotta await for the wind to blow and keys to appear before you can open it, and then you eventually find a riddle. Glad to say I figured the riddle out at first try. Wasn't a very hard one.

Three chapter titles from Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince were the reward.


Livejournal keeps on logging me off. Last time this happened, I had a virus in my computer, deleting my cookies. Ugh. I'll have to check that out as well.

HP Drabble

Dec. 31st, 2003 04:51 am
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Written yesterday, for the [livejournal.com profile] hp100's 100-word challenge of the week: Write something about a person's first (intentional or unintentional) signs of magic.

Didn't come out much good really, but hey just a drabble, right? :-)

Traits Revealed )


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