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As an addendum to the previous post about improving the last season of Buffy...

Brief thoughts on Angel's 'Smile Time' )
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Last whole month was excessively busy at work, we ended up working even during weekends and the national holiday... This week's much easier, I took Wednesday off and decided to get paid for the other days I had worked extra (rather than use them as additional holidays).

Anyway, I hadn't had the chance all last month to write my commentary on the final season of Buffy -- here goes.

Thoughts (and ways to improve) on Season 7 of Buffy -- MAJOR SPOILERS )

Buffy love

Jan. 20th, 2008 06:04 am
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I've now watched through Buffy's 5th season, and through most of Angel's 2nd...

...and it occurred to me suddenly that am now sure that I've ever seen a series that has so much LOVE oozing out of its every pore as the Buffy series has been doing (at least in its 5th season). Whether it's Buffy's love for her little sis, or Dawn's sobs for her mother, or Willow/Tara's affection for each other, or even the rather psychopathic obsessed love of Spike...

...anyway yeah, in its various forms of grief or despair or pain or guilt or sacrifice, this whole season has been spelling out LOVE -- even as most of the police/CSI series (and Angel too I'd say) have been spelling out DUTY instead. And that, I guess, is partly the reason why I find Buffy much more moving than I find Angel to be.


Most of its villains are still lame though. Honestly, both Adam's and Glory's big thing was how strong they were -- compared to the great Spike/Drusilla/Angelus at season 2 or the Mayor at season 3 those two were just plain disappointing. And what's with those stupid knights? It ought have been a splinter group of *Watchers* that ought be going after Dawn (preferably with machineguns and explosives), not some LARPing rejects with horses and arrows.
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So, Bhutto has been assassinated, and the world grows darker still with yet another victory for Islamic fascism -- as if Iraq/Palestine/Lebanon haven't been enough. But I wasn't planning this for a political post... just happened that Bhutto's killing roughly coincided with a post I was prepping for other issues.


So, anyway... have recently greatly enjoyed three works which I'd heard and been vaguely curious about for years, but for three different (but all stupid) reasons, I never got around to enjoying till now.

Buffy the Vampire-Slayer/Angel )

"The King Must Die" by Mary Renault )

V for Vendetta )


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