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I've seen the first 20 eps of Bleach. Brief commentary on the series.

The first ep is good -- I've commented on it in an earlier post. So no more commentary on it.

But the next ten eps of Bleach or so are largely annoying and filled with tedium. Even though there are several moments which are wonderfully amusing, almost all of them involving Rukia (oh my, when pyjama-dressed Rukia first jumps out of Ichigo's closet to *literally* punch his soul out of his body -- or her drawings -- or several other moments), other than that there were too many clownish characters, some of them so much so that it reached embarrassing levels. Ichigo's dad. And that loud schoolmate of his. And Kon. Etc, etc. Loud, obnoxious, unamusing; all of them.

One thought that several times crossed my mind while seeing the first 15 eps was "Hikaru no Go could take a simple game and make it seem as if the weight of the world rested on it; and for the duration of the ep it *did* -- we *cared*. Bleach on the other hand takes matters of life and death, matters where the whole fate of the world *does* rest on, and it fails to make me feel the slightest bit of interest in it."

In other words, where drama was concerned, I felt Bleach fail miserably.

Until episode 16 or thereabouts (I may be misremembering the exact number -- it may have been 17, but I think you'll figure it out when you see it). Everything earlier is just a too-long introduction. And then all the eps until 20 (as far as I've seen so far) -- each of them as full of importance as most earlier episodes seemed utterly lacking thereof. Each of them utterly worth it to struggle through earlier ones that were not so good.
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Happy New Year, everyone!


Have not commented any on the tsunami tragedy, mainly because I don't have anything noteworthy to say about it that hasn't been stated already. My only additional perspective I could have would probably be a comment about mass-murdering deities --- but it'd probably be in really bad taste to try and push a religious point of view based on this issue.


Have been bittorrent-downloading a couple anime eps last few days. "Aishiteru ze baby", ep 1, and "Bleach", ep 1, as recommended to me by [livejournal.com profile] homasse

A couple unspoilery words, and then onwards with the more spoilery commentary.

Bleach: Yay for humorous violence! Onwards.
Aishiteru ze baby: No way. Too saccharine-sweet.

Spoilers for the first ep of each of Bleach and Aishiteru ze baby )


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