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This Hikaru no Go ficlet properly follows up on my earlier Dreams of the Kisei, though perhaps it stands decently enough on its own. Written *way* back, but I only showed it to a handful of friends back then, as I had originally planned it as a flashback, not as a standalone... And why couldn't "Entr'acte" be spelled the same as "Interact",  I ask? *grumble*grumble*.

Warning! This is an R-RATED piece -- so no complaints about me traumatizing you for life, 'kay? I've warned ya all. :-)

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You can start from my homepage here. Or perhaps from my stories archive here. It's all the same really, as long as you end up here:

Dreams of the Kisei - A Prologue

Cheers. And thanks to all the people who read and commented on it beforehand. I kept on making tiny changes right up to the end...
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Have finished the rewriting on that HnG fic prologue I've been talking about... And I decided that it stands well enough on its own as a standalone ficlet that I'll post it as is, rather than wait for the rest of it to be done (if it's *ever* done).

I won't post it for another week or so, but any friend who wants to read the rewritten version before then (and who's seen all the 75 Hikaru no Go eps -- hint, hint, nudge, nudge, joudama! ;-) ), feel free to email me, regardless of whether you've read the original draft version or not.


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