Oct. 26th, 2004 06:13 pm
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Went good enough. Could have used some more time than the half-hour given us; the last slides had to be rushed. But all good on the whole. Done. All that remains is the formality of binding the text and handing it to the department's library. Any of my Greek friends know of any good place for binding? (library said "binding"-bibliodesia, not "thermokollisi". ).

The previous day it even seemed I was coming down with fever, but was thankfully better today for the presentation. Still not fully well, I think.

More posting later. Now SLEEP.

EDIT: Changed "typicality" to the correct "formality", since I should have known better than assume typicality meant in English what it means in Greek. ;-)
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For those who are interested (easier than mass email, this lj entry), current timeline for diploma:
15 October (or so) the last version of the text is expected to be handed in.
Sometime between 20-25 October (don't know the exact date), I'll have to give a presentation on it (Ugh, I hate presentations).
November, the oath.


On less personal news, the Ansari-X prize has been awarded! Tier One: Praise them with great praise.

Those interested in the Bush-Kerry thing go here for comments from Adam Cadre -- someone whom I often like to read.

Recently on It's Walky, where almost every character, good or bad, including the title character, has recently met his demise, I was amused to see an afterlife with even the atheist viewpoint depicted.

Can't say that I've seen many fictional universes with the possibility of atheistic afterlifes. :-)


Lastly, to the people I've not responded to either in email or in lj, or to whom I've otherwise been remiss -- I sincerely apologize. *g* Starting next month I'll be a better friend again, I promise you. :-)
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School project update -- Worked a big chunk of it today... Modelled a new tree structure, parsed children nodes into jess facts. Still progressing too slowly for my tastes, and every bit I work on has two wrinkles I have to iron out and two *future* wrinkles that I anticipate I'll have to work out in the future before this damn program is ready. Aargh.

Chess update -- Have solidified my position in the 1400s in the Yahoo Games ratings. Made a brief venture in the 1500s, then got knocked down again. *g* Still, I expect I'll get there soon again.

Page update -- Two weeks of guest artists at PVP, meant a small update for my page. Extra excuse to procrastinate...

Fic update -- The prologue to my HnG fanfic I'm planning took two days to write and it now seems to take two weeks to rewrite. What is it with me?

Personal update -- I need a haircut. Pronto. And to lose some weight, but that's standard *roll eyes*...


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