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This actually just reaffirms once more the folly of promising to write future entries concerning this-or-that. Whenever I make such a promise, the mood never actually strikes me as right. I kept on trying to write the calm-to-the-point-of-Zen and complete-to-the-point-of-ideological-manifesto rebuttal to the arguments and analogies that [livejournal.com profile] bellatrys brought forward in her own lj...

...turns out my mood wasn't into it. I actually ended up writing and saving two separate half-complete drafts, but whenever I glanced back to read what I had written I felt the need to trash the whole thing and start all over again for the sheer discrepancy in the way I felt and the way I tried to express it. Such a composition might have been proper and good back when the situation was limited to the *threat* of violence and death, not now when such threats have been transformed to reality.

Heartsickness was on me, and in many ways still is, and if I couldn't express it in rage (albeit a coherent one), attempts at calm would seem more like phoniness to my own eyes. So here goes instead a much more disjointed post, not attempting either fullness or calm or anything of the sort -- just random spewing of points I think need be made.

'Solidarity with the oppressed' doesn't justify everything )

And the protesters aren't the actual oppressed anyway! )

'But...but...but... the Nazi literature is banned! Hypocricy alert!?' )

I think that my next posts will be more lighthearted, and probably fandom-related instead of having to do with politics. *g* There are enough books and series I need to comment on anyway...


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