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Looking through my hard disk, I saw again a photo that I'm really without an excuse for not posting for so many months. :-)

This was taken back when I was serving in Samos. The opening of a kindergarten/daycare center for the children of the officers and personnel was being celebrated. I had been sent to take photos with a digital camera. *g* The one below is a particular favourite of mine.

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Just look at those cheeks! And that look the baby is giving the camera. Heh.


On an utterly unrelated and trivial piece of news, on the subway today I saw a woman reading something that looked like a newsletter with the title "Scyrian news." -- meaning from the island of Skyros in Greece. Except that for a second or so I thought it read "Scythian news" instead, and my first thought was "...what the hell? The Scyths still exist?"

Which wasn't really that ludicrous -- afterall the Assyrians still exist, as a stateless nation. *rolls eyes* But ofcourse, even if the Scyths still existed it would have been kinda odd for them to have a newsletter in the Greek language.
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Second and final bunch of photos. *g* In these ones, stav, I hope you recognize atleast one face other than mine and Dina's. :-)

As before, click on pics for larger versions.

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