A diagram

Dec. 8th, 2009 03:19 am
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A diagram I made a week or two ago, to help clarify some of my political thinking:

Some political thoughts explained further... )

It's getting late, ended up writing up only about one third of what I planned. Will complete this in a future post, with possibly one more diagram.
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Gunnerkrigg Court has become my favorite web comic by far. Though art and storylines begin off very simply in the first few chapters, these keep improving -- and the increasing set of characters and ever-developing plot and art all have something unique to offer.

The SP Studio is a lovely site that allows you to create South-Park style characters.

I decided to use the latter to make some fanart tribute for the former. )

New icons

Mar. 17th, 2008 09:42 pm
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New default icon -- I colored the version that Jason Waltrip drew of me (alongside a few dozen other fans) for the anniversary strip of Fans!

Also finally updated the European Union icon - more than a year late. :-)


Mar. 16th, 2008 09:40 pm
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I opted in for Emily Short's coverart drive for works of Interactive Fiction, and as a result Josh Lawrence made the following for my game "Voices". I like!

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It's been a while. Ten months or so? Given that, I wonder how long it'll take for *anyone* to notice I made a new post. So I guess I'll just have make this post bright and shiny to increase people's chance of noticing. ;-)

A couple days ago I finished compiling the following, fanart of sorts to one of my three most favorite webcomics, Penny & Aggie and partly inspired by another one of my three most favorite webcomics, The Order of the Stick.

A couple details still irk me on this, but on the whole I think I like. :-)

Too bad I didn't have colored versions for enough of the characters in an appropriate size -- as such for most of them I was forced to resort to their largely expressionless "cast pictures". Ah well.

I think I'll try to be updating my lj a bit more regularly from now on. But we'll see. :-)
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I've been doing the antisocial thing a bit this month, but that's mainly because I've been busy. Indeed I was more busy the past month than I'm gonna be from now on since, besides my new job, in the evenings I also had another obligation I'd undertaken earlier on, assisting-teach computer usage.

Some photos of my coworkers and me:

People committing suicide in frustration over bugs in the code )

Hard at work )

Group shot )

Anyway, before the result of some semifinal proves me wrong on this, here's my desires for the World Cup -- having Portugal win against Germany in the final. That'd be a quite nice repeat of the 2004 Euro Cup, where Greece won against Portugal *in* Portugal.


Jun. 16th, 2005 09:18 pm
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During my leave I scanned and uploaded to my Angelfire account a couple pics -- from during an early visit of parents and relatives that we were allowed on the first Sunday, from the parade at the oath ceremony, from my army id card. But I forgot to post them last week.

Angelfire doesn't seem to allow direct linking of images, so here's a hurriedly put-together page to place them in.

They're badly scanned, mind you. I didn't have the time to clean them up at all. And since then I have a couple better photos to show, but they are unscanned.

On more important news - they've placed me in the "Programmer" specialty -- the "Research-Informatics" body of the army. That means that tomorrow I'm heading back to Athens, at Goudi, where I'll stay the next month (or so) for further training, before I go to my normal unit -- which will be at Samos. *g* This is all good.
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Yeah, I've been lazy to order them, lazy to go get them, lazy to scan them, and lazy to post them. *g* Such laziness has been compounded by the fact that I look fat and stupid in several of them. Which would make me want to have this be a private post, but that'd mean I'd have to then send the photos to friends without lj accounts separately -- and am too lazy to do that also. ;-)

Anyway: Here they are finally: graduation photos. Six of them anyway. There are five more, coming tomorrow.

Graduation photos )


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