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Last post for a long while -- I bid you all farewell for the time being. :-)

But I did have the time to write the first drabble request, this one by [livejournal.com profile] evilstorm, who asked for a Silmarillion ficlet, and otherwise left the topic free. Here you go, evilstorm! Hope you don't mind that it's just a tiny bit longer than is usual for drabbles. :-)

Silmarillion ficlet: Mighty )

Other drabbles will have to wait for a while. Bye for a while now, everyone! Be sure to go here and leave me your own requests, everyone. :-)

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Jan. 6th, 2004 03:22 pm
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"Philosopher At Large" has described/storyboarded an adaptation of part of the Siege of Minas Tirith that I would have paid her weight in gold to have seen instead of what we got in PJ's movie, SFX-impressive though *that* one was. (And yeah, the "weight in gold" bit is a hyperbole but only a mild one. :-)

As it is I would still very much like seeing this as the animated short she describes. Here you go, people: The Downfallen

Remember to wait for all the pics to load. :-)


And now for something different, a parody of the ROTK movie -- completely hilarious: http://www.livejournal.com/users/mollyringwraith/5635.html


On other matters, I saw ROTK for a second time this Sunday. Still remains as bad a Tolkien adaptation as I had first said, and it's still frustrating how much time is spent on tiresome irrelevancies that could have been used on substance... but it probably works a bit better as a movie on repeat-viewings than I had first given it credit for. So I'll raise its "movie score" a bit. To 7/10, perhaps.

Mind you, still a very bad adaptation. Want to be clear on that. :-)
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Two posts ago, I mentioned I had started writing a script-version of the Scouring. It's done.

If anyone's interested, you can find it here. Obviously, yet again you can expect spoilers for ROTK, film and books, in there.

Still a tad clumsy/corny at spots mind you -- and I haven't bothered (nor will I bother) putting it through my usual perfectionist-minded long stages of revision. :-) It's after all meant to be only a rough draft used to show how I think Scouring would be quite doable without making the ending any more "anticlimactic" than Jackson's own films... Fine-tuning it goes beyond the scope of this endeavour. :-)
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Well here's my ROTK review... Or perhaps more like "random commentary about aspects of the movie that seriously irked me". Ended up a bit more bitter and rambling than I had first intended.

Heavy SPOILERS for both movie and books to follow:

Here ya go. )
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The fannish side of me is fuming.

The item that so angered me is here. The link contains some small spoilers about the ROTK movie, btw. Mainly in terms of revealing what will be *absent* from it, though, not what will be present.

I went to see three times *each* of the first two movies, in the cinema. Bought the tapes. Bought the CDs with the music.

But, I swear it, had I not already promised friends that I'd be seeing the third film with them, I am not at all certain that I would bother to see the third film even once.

As such, I'll probably be biting my lips so as to not rant at the screen and ruin everybody else's fun time.

Peter Jackson, the moron. It makes it all the worse that I *knew* since a year ago that he wouldn't have enough time to fit all the important bits in ROTK, given the incompetent way he edited Two Towers.

*Anyone* would know it who has read the books.

Except Peter Jackson himself, it seems.


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