Feb. 8th, 2005 07:48 am
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I decided that if I waited until I had the time and inclination to make truly large and detailed posts, then I'd never post at all. So here's a start of smaller and hopefully more frequent posts, on politics and movie-reviews both.

This post is a political one: just a note on a sequence of three events, three *deaths* that have perhaps not been given as much attention as warranted -- hopefully unrelated with each other.

1) Prime Minister of Georgia, Zurab Zhvania, dead in a seeming accident, by carbon monoxide poisoning.

2) Georgy Khelashvili, political associate of Zhvania, dead in a seeming suicide, two days after Zurab's death.

3) Mamuka Jincharadze, politically influential ethnic Georgian tycoon, shot dead in Russia.

In the meantime as noted in Neeka's backlog here, Russian Gleb Pavlovsky made some rather nasty hints about Zhvania's death and what Tymoshenko's (the Ukrainian PM's and one of the two leaders of the Orange Revolution) fate may be.

Time to mourn for Georgia, I think. Now, not *all* of these events need be connected with each other. But unless the whole pattern of events and commentaries is widely misleading and coincidental, these are not unfortunate accidents but rather the opening salvoes in a war.

Edit: Another point worth of note, of course, is the Gori bombing a couple days previously.

On a different note: "New Group of Georgia's Friends" founded by Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.

The fact that this group (unlike the old "Group of Georgia's Friends") doesn't contain Russia as a member, may make its naming a tiny bit more accurate.


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