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Online comics seem to be currently suffering:
Sluggy Freelance has gone to random-filler mode, after a long period of what its creator himself admitted to be an uninspired writer's-block period where humour was largely humourless, and one of the comic's best elements, the comedic timing, was horribly off.

Clan of the Cats is in a brief hiatus, following creator's medical problems.

Graphic Smash and all its connected comics ("Fans!", "Rip & Terri", etc) suffered a meltdown which they're still trying to fix.

CRFH has stopped being interesting to me for some years now.


Atleast the Shortpacked joke concerning the pope was funny. :-) Hope it offends none of my Catholic friends.


"The Incredibles" (saw this last week) is the most fun superhero film I ever remember seeing -- better than the Spiderman flicks by far. And kinda sweet and cute without ever becoming saccharine. It's also one of the few animated films I remember seeing where the chief villain *doesn't* die by falling from a great height. Saw it on DVD last week and utterly loved it.

"The Cube" on the other hand was one of the most depressingly claustrophobic movies I remember. Gah. Mathematical cruelty, nasty randomness, bureaucratic evil and human savagery. Saw this one yesterday, and I need to go and watch something comparatively happy and fluffy now. "CSI" episodes or something. Those ones may be still filled with depictions of human evil, but technology and science and logic atleast serve the good guys and humanity is never absent. And quirkiness exists to relieve the tension, not to burn off your face with acid when you're not expecting it.

"Constantine", which I saw in the cinema, was slightly less Constantine-like than I'd have liked -- but still a decent enough approximation of the character I think (i.e. from what I can judge, far closer to the original character than Peter Jackson's LOTR character were to Tolkien).

Very mild spoilers about Constantine )


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