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Various political thoughts:

- There is no hope for Greece, none whatsoever. The last hope I had for it was when Bakoyianni was striving for the leadership of her party -- and even if she had succeeded, I'd only call it a roughly 15% chance that Greece would have be saved. When Samaras got it instead, all hope failed that some sort of productive, progress-friendly, economy-friendly opposition might even slightly halt Greece's fall.

There's no hope for it on the fiscal front, where private investments and economy keeps on getting sabotaged by the government itself, whose only tactic is to borrow even more heavily from abroad, so that people a couple years from now will have to borrow even more heavily to repay the money being borrowed today.
And there's no hope for it on the democratic front, where Neonazism (not just plain chauvinist fascism anymore, but full fledged Hitler-lovers) is on the rise everywhere -- from the court systems where the Nazi Plevris (the guy who said that Hitler's fault was that he was too *nice* to the Jews, and that he let too *many* of them live) was acquitted, and his antiNazi accusers then prosecuted, to the local elections where the neonazis got a 5% nationwide, and a 20% in certain areas, to the Orthodox church where prominent bishops are telling their flock that the Greek economy is down the crapper because of Zionist plots.

2011 is going to be worse than 2010, 2012 is going to be worse than 2011, and I don't know if Greece is still going to be here in 2013. And even if it is, it's going to have neonazi members of the parliament whenever the next national elections come. Because nobody in the political establishment opposes Nazism, nobody in the political establishment has any reason to oppose Nazism. As long as Jews and international Zionist conspiracies can be blamed, nobody blames *them*.

- There is little hope, middle-term, for the world in general. Even if Europe manages to survive, hopefully by amputating the Greek gangrene from its midst, the whole world everywhere outside it is heading towards fascism. Pakistan has been killing every progressive voice, Iranian revolution got suppressed, Koreas are going noplace good.

Also, Koreas, please if you're gonna have a war, arrange it for 2012, the time I predicted it for in Dreams of the Kisei. I missed the Harry Potter prediction, so it'd be nice to be accurate on the Panasiatic War prediction.

- More than a year ago (September 2009 or thereabouts), I had involved myself in a controversy about the Lambda awards -- I hadn't even heard of them before then, but the controversy was that they now required their GLBT awards to be awarded not just to GLBT books but to GLBT books by GLBT people, essentially excluding straight writers for receiving them by writing GLBT books. I voice opposition to this, calling it ghettoization, which word produced strong sentiment against, though little coherent argument. And then the thread got deleted, and attempts to discuss the issue elsewhere also got shut down.

It took me a couple weeks to realize that at least some of the people reacting negatively may have wrongly thought I meant that gays were ghettoizing straights by this. I, of course, meant that gays were ghettoizing themselves: isolating themselves in a small community, rather than trying to integrate it in the wider world.

Of course I still don't know if my true meaning would have been better received than the false meaning. Probably not. And on the whole I do not care, I failed to care enough that I didn't post this realization here for more than a year since I had it. The thing about self-imposed ghettoizations is that outsiders stop caring.

- There is some hope for Sudan, and by extension there is some for Africa. The African peoples ought follow the Sudanese example and start rearranging their borders according to saner lines, not the colonial relics that have caused endless unending civil wars. I'm all in favour of the union of nations and ethnic groups, but it needs be voluntary. So divide first, hopefully peacefully, *then* come together again, voluntarily.

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Date: 2011-01-12 09:53 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] whatistigerbalm
Reading your thoughts on Greece I am reminded of my own country. Your frustration has my sympathies!


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