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I was actually was about to write a post about how the impermancy of the Internet is depressing: my main instigation for this feeling, was that I was no longer able to locate what's probably my all-time favourite fanvid, "Higher than Hope" by Freddo, which beautifully chronicles Willow's magical, psychological and romantic arcs in seasons 4, 5, and 6. (I have it saved in my hard disk, but I can no longer locate it on the Internet)

Then just so as to make my thoughts even more relevant, Scans_daily is now taken down, after Peter David notified Marvel about copyright violations of its "property".

Here's what I posted in commentary to Peter David's blog:


My point of view on this is strictly strife-of-the-classes: I don't see why I should care about the copyright claims of the same CORPORATION that has trademarked the word "superhero" (alongside DC) and is forbidding any others to use it.

I wouldn't have a problem if Peter David took down SD over copyright violation of his own work. But he simply sided with a corporation instead. He seems to consider that a reason to blame him less: I see it as a reason to blame him more.

I don't see why I should care about the copyright of CORPORATIONS that want to extend their rights to perpetuity. The corporations that force the deletion of some "derivative" works of art as fanvids, because they use a song. The copyright laws that forced e.g. Sluggy Freelance to remove the lyrics of songs from its "Fire and Rain" chapter, even though those lyrics perfectly set the mood.

The enemies of SD all speak about the intellectual property rights of ARTISTS, but we're not talking about the property rights of ARTISTS here, we're talking about the property rights of a corporation.

Yes, Mr Peter David, the law is on Marvel's side. The law is on the corporations' side, we knew that already.

Then the revolution comes, and the law will no longer be on its side, or the state is powerless to enforce it.

I recently donated $20 to Gunnerkrigg Court, a webcomic offered freely on the internet: more than I've paid to Marvel my whole life. I've donated to Penny & Aggie, I've bought books of Order of the Stick. The model of comics is changing, Mr. David, away from the corporations -- the Internet has empowered the individual, and the revolution is upon us.

Yes, the sales of Marvel and DC will fall, perhaps both corporations will collapse. Are you sure that will be bad for the artists involved? (And even if it's bad for the artists, I'm not at all sure it will be bad for the art)

Yes, you have the law on your side. That's exactly your sin: you sided with a law benefiting the corporations.
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