Dec. 16th, 2003

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Went to buy tickets for ROTK today. Ended up buying Myst instead.

In a bizarre twist of bad luck, the cinema at the center of Athens ("Attikon Renault") that I planned to get tickets from (if this cinema lets you buy them in advance, which I'm still not entirely certain it does) was also the exact cinema that this exact day, Kostis Stephanopoulos (president of Greece, for the foreigners among you) chose to visit. To see "Politiki Kouzina" probably, which frankly hasn't impressed me very much from the trailers.

Caught a glimpse of his head. Atleast I think it was his head. Might have been someone else's head. As I said, was just a glimpse. :-)

But certainly couldn't get a glimpse of any tickets, or even ask about them, since the cinema's entrance was blocked by policemen who didn't let anyone else enter.

Will probably go again tomorrow. In the meantime I bought myself Myst. Played it a little while. Hasn't fascinated me yet, but it does have some nice elements in it...

Edit: Today I learned that most likely the president was there to attend a ceremony were some athletes were getting awards/commendations/something of the sort, and probably not to watch some movie. Ah, well. :-)


katsaris: "Where is THEIR vote?" (Default)
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