Oct. 29th, 2003

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My diploma-work situation is too frustrating and angsty for me to like to talk about, so here's a fic-update instead. As usual I have more than one works on my mind at the same time.... most likely candidates to be finished are currently:

1) A short HP Founders one-shot fic. Largely plotless, mostly character/theme stuff, mainly focused on Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff. I've written about a page of it so far. Likely my next posted fic, because of its brevity.

2) A multi-chaptered Tolkien fic... and pretty much my first attempt at serious Tolkien fanfiction prose -- even though I've done both Tolkien poetry and Tolkien parody before. More importantly, this story, if completed, will also be the first thing of even slight "slashiness" that I've ever written.

And I'm mainly writing it *because* I want to see if any semi-decent fic could be written involving homosexuality in Tolkien's world. Rather than all the horrid, horrid stuff I've read so far. Most people don't seem to realize that you should strive to keep both characters and entire cultures in their proper characterizations.

This one will concern the character and life of Beleg, from his early childhood all the way to his death -- though I'm not sure than anyone reading this journal even knows who Beleg is. Feel free to tell me if anyone here *does* recognize the name. :-)

3) The first part of a three-part Gargoyles fic called "Messengers", inspired by the old "Party on Avalon" idea... The first part is mainly an introductory human drama piece; the second part would establish the role of creatures such as angels and demons in the Gargoyles universe; the third part is probably the most ambitious of all and would bring the theology back to the human/universal level. That last one is the one that intimidates me to write.

This piece will probably be even more religious and Christian in its core than "Voices" was. Voices was largely Gnostic-influenced I think. The feeling there, as reviewers said, was mainly that of angrily shouting at the heavens; and the narrator neutral or even a skeptic. This one will be somewhat different; both protagonist and narrator are Christians here. And here I am attempting to use some of the thematic/emotional basis of Christianity as well, rather than just the universe/history, as I did with Voices...

*Anyway*.. the one or two people that may be expecting a Hikaru no Go fic from me, will have to wait a long time, I fear. :-)


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