Jul. 24th, 2003

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Played lots and lots of chess yesterday. *Lots* of chess, even by my own standards. It seems to have definitely become my procrastination tool of choice. A couple weeks back, Hikaru no Go was my favourite procrastination tool. Before that probably reading fanfiction. Before that *writing* fanfiction. Means of procrastination are inexhaustible, ain't they?

Anyway, back to chess. I won the vast majority of games, yesterday - I've really improved it seems to me, compared to how I was a couple years back... I think I can now notice situations and moves I wouldn't have noticed at all a couple years back. Countering a threat not by retreating or defending but by attacking a seemingly unrelated piece. Perceiving that a seemingly strong position of the enemy is weak because the defending pawn can't actually move.

And Tilemachos, with whom I was probably about even only a couple years back -- I managed to beat him in 5 out of 5 games yesterday. That's good. I still make the occasionally lousy mistakes but it nowadays tends to be more tiredness rather than foolishness on my part...

And where my university work is concerned - I may have finally discovered a Java library that'll help me easily tokenize and parse those blasted HTML files (standard parser sucks majorly as it can't even recognize standard tag usage such as adding "/" at the end of a single tag such as in <br />)... If it does end up working, I'll have passed a major hurdle in this whole thing -- and the folk that created com.quiotix.html.parser will have my eternal gratitude, I assure them...


katsaris: "Where is THEIR vote?" (Default)
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